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Jovision Appears on ISAF in Turkey

September 14-17th, 2017, the ISAF was ceremoniously held in Istanbul. Jovision, as the leading surveillance equipment and security service provider, participated in this exhibition.


ISAF is the largest and only comprehensive professional exhibition in the field of security in Turkey. ISAF has been attracting global professionals to the event since the first exhibition. According to the organizers,  the 21th ISAF in 2017 attracted more than 200 exhibitors and nearly 20,000 professionals around the world.

On this ISAF, Jovision presented IP products with newly designed housing and the first-published solution, which brought the IP products to a new level. With the unique upstream chipset providers and development advantages, as well as its own deep research and development strength, Jovision has been carrying the banner of the IP tide over the years. This overseas exhibition has also shown a huge advantage in the IP products for Turkish and European camera manufacturers.


At the same time, the MIX series, HD cameras, as well as the SMART XVR with intelligent video analysis function brought by Jovision also attracted many visitors. In addition, the 3MP starlight camera with the H. 265 Chipset and the newly optimized Wi-Fi kit have also drawn lots of attention.

Across Europe and Asia, bordering with 8 countries, Turkey is known as the "European Oriental Equipment Manufacture ", and is listed as the world's top ten emerging market countries. On the one hand, many internal and external factors make Turkey a focus of many international security manufacturers. On the other hand, with the improvement of the national security awareness and the acceleration of the infrastructure, the market shows rapid growth every year, and Turkey has undoubtedly become a touchstone for many security companies to enter the Middle East and Europe market.


The products and strength exhibited by Jovision in Turkey have been recognized by several major camera manufacturers in Turkey and have gained the affirmation of many buyers in Turkey and the surrounding market.